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We offer a delivery service to Honiton and the surrounding area (3 mile radius). This includes Honiton, Buckerell, Gittisham, Weston, Awliscombe, Monkton and Wilmington. If in doubt call us and we can quickly advise if we are able to deliver to you.

Alternatively you can collect from our Honiton High Street Eateria.

Free Delivery (minimum order £15), £2 delivery charge for any orders under £15.

★ PIZZAS (9″ and 14″ sizes)

All our dough is freshly home made. Gluten free bases are available (add £1.50).

Pizza Margherita (V)  £8.95  £12.95

Tomato, cheese and fresh tomatoes.

Pizza Mexicana (V)  £9.95  £13.95

Peppers, sweet corn, onions and chilli.

Pizza 4 Seasons (V)  £9.95  £13.95

Artichokes, peppers, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes.

Pizza Sophia  £9.95  £13.95

Ham and pineapple.

Pizza Della Chef  £10.95  £14.95

Ham, pepperoni, sweet corn, onions and mushrooms.

Pizza Americana  £10.95  £14.95

Chicken, pepperoni, peppers and jalapeños.

Pizza Della Casa  £10.95  £14.95

Smoked bacon, mushrooms, onions and peppers.

Pizza Pescatora  £11.95  £15.95

Mussels, prawns, squid and tuna.

Pizza Carne Mista  £10.95  £14.95

Ham, pepperoni, chicken and smoked bacon.

Pizza Pepperoni  £9.95  £13.95

Tomato, cheese and pepperoni.

Pizza Bella BBQ  £10.95  £14.95

BBQ sauce base, chicken, onion and mushroom.

Pizza Manzo  £10.95  £14.95

Spicy beef, red onion and peppers.

Pizza Piri Piri  £10.95  £14.95

Piri Piri sauce, chicken, onions and mushrooms.

Pizza Tandoori  £10.95  £14.95

Tandoori chicken, sweet corn and peppers.


Start with a Margherita and choose your own toppings. Each topping is £1.20 (9″) or £1.50 (14″).

Toppings: Ham, pineapple, mushrooms, sweet corn, onions, red onions, pepperoni, jalapeños, peppers, smoked bacon, spicy beef, black olives, artichokes, chicken, prawns, fresh garlic and fresh chillis.


The following dishes can all be served with a choice of: Spaghetti, Penne or Linguine. Gluten Free also available. Please specify which pasta you want when placing your order.

Paesana  £9.95

Ham, chicken, onions, garlic and white wine sauce.

Amatricana £9.95

Ham, chilli, tomato, garlic and cream.

Carbonara £9.95

Smoked bacon, mushrooms, cream and black pepper.

Marinara  £11.50

Mussels, prawns, squid and tuna in a tomato sauce.

Arrabiata (V)  £9.50

Tomato, peppers, onions, garlic and chilli.

Napolitina (V)  £9.25

Tomato, garlic, basil and olives.

Pasticciate (V)  £8.95

Tomato, garlic, mushrooms, mozzarella and cream.

Vegetariana (V)  £8.95

Tomato, peppers, onions and mixed vegetables.

Rigatoni  £10.50

Rigatoni pasta, minced beef, tomato, cream and garlic.

Bolognese  £10.50

Home made beef bolognese.


Chicken dippers (5) 100% chicken breast served with sauté potatoes.  £5.95

Spaghetti bolognese  £6.50


Breaded chicken strips (approx 5 strips)  £6.95

Garlic bread  £5.25

Garlic bread with cheese  £6.25

Garlic bread with cheese and onion  £6.50

Mixed Salad  £3.00

Chips  £3.00

Cheesy Chips  £3.75

Plain sauté potatoes  £3.00

Garlic and herb sauté potatoes  £3.25

Creamy garlic mushrooms  £4.95

Onion rings (8)  £3.00

Coleslaw  £2.25

Dips – Tomato ketchup, garlic mayonnaise, BBQ, Sweet Chilli  £1.00

Chocolate fudge gateau  £3.95

Chocolate Brownie (GF)  £3.95

Raspberry & White Choc Blondie (GF)  £3.95

Today’s cheesecake  £3.95


Coke £1.40

Diet Coke, Lemonade £1.20